Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ABC N for Noodles

This is a Very Foochow noodle Hoon Ngan which my  3rd Aunty told my cousin Chai Wen to cook for me in her Opps Kopitnam.
This is Sibu's signature noodle, Kampua or Kan ma mee.  You have to be from Sibu to love it.
This is Mee Sua, Thin noodle soup eaten during birthdays. The Foochow influence is so strong, on Father's 81st. Third Aunty Siew Ying reminded Rose to cook it.
This is Sibu's Chu Mee. or cooked noodles with a gravy. Once served in banquets in Sibu restaurants. 

The Foochows came to Sibu town just sightly before the Cantonese. Over time, there is intermarriage  with the different dialects and races. We started to eat and adopted each other's food. The above 4 bowls of noodles belong to the Foochows. We love it. According to the words of my friend Kong Tong Kiong, we have adopted the long thin Mee Sua and serve them for special occasions.

There is one type of noodles which was eaten by the Cantonese. During my Grandpa Chan's 71st birthday, Mother served to all of us a small bowl of sweet noddles. It signified long sweet life. I was 14, and didn't like the sweet soup. I went to the kitchen and tipped it into the receptacle for the duck food. Rose saw me and sent daggers from her eyes.

I left for Canada in September 1975. Father had a big farewell party for me. Grandpa Chan came down from Sibu. We had mixed feelings, he was 83. There was unspoken words like, would I see you again. In February 1976, I read that he had died. I remembered that bowl of sweet noodle soup that I had tip out.

These are traditional noodles, for my save the world meme, it is so very important to maintain our tradition.



  1. I had some today :). Loved them too.

  2. I love all sorts of noodles.

    abcw team

  3. I'm sure I'd love the NOODLES!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I didn't know there were traditions about noodles.
    I do love noodles and could eat them every day.

  5. Love noodles and noodle shops where you can discover something new. Interesting to learn the regional differences.

  6. I love noodles.

    Festival of Nation

    Catching up with letter N before O arrives.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team