Tuesday, April 23, 2013

yellow/Photohunt: Zoom, Stolen puppy


"Zoom!" went the car.

The woman who stole this puppy zoomed away in her car.

My friend posted on Facebook. Daisy was picked up by a lady driving a small silver hatch back,  This puppy is an exact duplicate of my brother Joseph's dog. Except for Benny brown whiskers.

Joseph used to pick up stray dogs when he was young. Mother told him he could keep the dog if he promised to feed the dogs.  

Once, Rose and her husband, then boyfriend was taking a very long walk home. A mug followed them home. This mutt would eat our food, but every time we went out, it followed us out to the main road. It did this for a few months. 

Margaret and I cycled to town. It followed us. On our way home, a blue car stopped ahead of us. The mutt dashed to the car. It had found it's owners. The owners' eyes shot daggers at us. 

We were hurt. They had not bother to thank us or get out of the car to accuse us of stealing their dog. We thought they should have gone out of the car and accused us . Then they would hear how we took care of the dog for them when it was lost.

Stay mellow with yellow!


  1. Looks like a nice friendly dog. Our dog Daisy loves to fetch.

    Mine is up and coffee is on

  2. I lost a puppy once and when I found him in one of the houses in the neighbourhood, the founder (now thief) refused to return him. grrr......

  3. Puppies are cute :) our owner loves dogs. Ours is up now too.

  4. You did a good thing by saving him... a small thankyou would have been nice!

  5. Yes, a thank-you would have been very appropiate...oh well.