Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alphabe letter V for vintage light in the country.

Photo taken at Sia Villa
In both sets of grandparents houses, it was considered SAN BA or country. Until 1970s, they did not have electricity supply. In the bedrooms, we used a tiny kerosene lamp. 
There was one pressure lamp in the lounge. We kids were interested when the pressure lamp was lighted. 7th Uncle Peter Yin Fei was responsible for getting the lamp down the beam while standing on a chair. With the lamp on the floor, he authorized us not to crowd too near him as he goes on his important job. First, he pours kerosene into the base. Then he pumps, if we were good, he would let us have a go. Finally he lights the bulb. The whole room glows like it was lit by a florescent light. The bulb or the mantle is made of some sort of fibre of asbestos. One day, my curiosity killed the cat. I touched the mantle and simply melted away. 7th Uncle asked who touched the mantle and nobody admitted. Peter thought the bulb was faulty.



  1. Such a nice story to share. It is always a pleasure to stop here and check out your Alphabe Thursday post! The photo is lovely.

  2. Very interesting little tale. My family used to have a kerosene lamp, but it was just a decoration.

  3. Whhat a wonderful V post. Have a nice week.

  4. I have a whole collection of kerosene lamps and keep them primed and filled all the time. I lose power up here occasionally and they are invaluable...

  5. We used to have the same kerosene lamp back like 25 years ago :)

  6. This is a Very Vivid memory...

    Thank you for sharing it for the letter V...

    Great job!