Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rearing ducks organically

When I was in my early teens, it was my sister Margaret aged three and half years younger than me and my responsibility to go to the near by creek aka longan by the main road to collect sea weeds and lettuces to feed the ducks.

I don't know about Margaret.

Boy! did I hate the job because we always collected them at the time when Dad's friends came home from work. When they asked what we were doing, I lied that it was for our fish tank.

At that time, it wasn't fashionable to keep organic or free range chicken or ducks, and I was embarrassed.

Margaret has since become a Professor in plant Pathology and is more equipped than me to write about this post. I am a hobby environmentalist writing my cause with passion.

When I saw this lake choked with duck weed, I lament that there was no one like my mother who have seen this as a useful food for her ducks. By collecting the weeds, we give life to the lake as duck weed is a pest that comes in as contaminants. Duckweed can become a serious weed in nutrient rich, shallow ponds.

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