Friday, April 5, 2013

Good times with Miss Fries and old friends from Methodist school.

Three years ago, I was searching for some current affairs of Sarawak, my birth land. I came across this site, . The more I read her posts, the more I suspect she was some one I knew.

 I wrote to her, I wasn't exactly her friend, or rather vice versa. I was the first year in the secondary school as a 13 year old and she was a senior. She was my role model in all aspects, she was good in sports, academic and a head prefect. She never knew how she impacted my life until yesterday.

She posted a musical "Gypsy Baron" when I was in my second year in 1968 and we knew so many friends. I am posting these photos when our American Missionary teacher, Miss Fries, revisited Sarawak during my class 28th re-union.

Miss Fries stayed with me in Singapore. The photos show some old boys and old girls of Methodist Secondary School, Sibu. These photos gave me reminiscence of the "Gypsy Baron" Days. Sadly, the gentleman in the last photo, Cheng Hua Chuan passed away.

Here, Sarawakiana, these photos are for you. Thanks for linking me to your post. Thank you for power of friendship.

CY, I am reposting this for I found so many old friends on FB. Mr Funk, Yet Leh Hua, Edwain. Kong.

When our 1971 class held our first 28th Reunion in 1999, the Sarawak team asked if I would be the liaison and handle all of Miss Fries trip. I approached Malcom, and he saved me a lot of headache by offering to take care of all her travel. Whew!

Miss Fries stayed with me on both transiting stops in Singapore. I gained so much with her in my house. I told her I had been having her as my role model. 

I was so lucky that Miss Fries asked me to tag along when her exstudents invited her.

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