Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scrumptious food and memories of Kai Chung School. 开 中学校

Last year, in July I went to a reunion of the students I taught for 20 months some 40 years ago.

The students did a display of Chinese Wu Shu aka Tai Chi.

The man is pink, was one of the few I taught with. He is Mr. Ngu.

Scrumptious food was offered for refreshment. This green fruit is the famous local orange.

Ex students who have now become my friends, Lau Peng Yew in Chinese. I remember Dennis Hii because he was the sports captain, and I was a very involved sports mistress.

More scrumptious food.
Two roads meet,
I chose the one less traveled by,
That has made all the different.

Robert Frost,

 Kai Chung will always have a special place in my heart. That was why I came back for the reunion, despite my husband telling me that it wasn't my reunion, why did I go. In deed, I was the only ex teacher who traveled afar across the ocean, across the sea.

Most people did not know, I did not want to come to Kai Chung. I wanted to go to St Antony. Kai Chung was a Chinese school, and I came from an English medium school. My Dad was the divisional officer,  he could put me in any school I wanted. He put me to Kai Chung. 

Twenty months in Kai Chung, I loved it. The staff were good, The students were polite.

Most of all, Kai Chung was the place where I started to have the Chineseness in me. Before, I would not speak Chinese. In Kai Chung, I spoke Chinese with Mr. Pau, Mr Ngu, Hwang Tai Tai and Liew Ping. Mr. Ngu taught me my favourite Chinese song, "This little green island." Someone please ask Mr. Ngu. Now I am going to blog about it. Thanks Mr. Ngu.

 綠島小夜曲  I still sing it and is the only Chinese song I can sing in completion.

这绿岛歌曲  scrumptious

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