Friday, April 5, 2013

Save the world: sugar cane

My Facebook friend Antony Chan posted a photo of a bundle of sugar cane standing upright on the floor of an eatery. Two other friends commented that such practice was unhealthy and even dangerous. I read re port too that when the sugar cane stack this way, it absorbs chemicals, detergent and worst still rat poison and rat urine. People can get very sick.

I am glad in Singapore, The supplier bring in cut lengths and the sugar cane can be placed on the counter. One Up for Singapore, a country I sojourned for 16 years,

Thirst quenching pure sugar cane juice.

Sugar cane is a cash crop of the Kong Family.  My uncle Kong Seng Shui is more than 80 years old. He leads a very healthy live style. He plants the sugar cane, and employs contract workers to do the harvesting.

This is a photo of me when I was 14. The background is a clump of sugar cane. The Chans and Kongs always have sugar cane growing. They are our snack. We didn't have much lollies. We didn't crush them into juice. We cut up foot long canes, trip off the peel, and we chewed the stems. Good for our teeth too.

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    Dear Group STI,

    A Mr. Buss Roper posted this comment below on my blog with a hyperlink to you, I presume he is an employee of yours.

    I am bemused by his comment. No where in my post did I say, " that sugar leads to any disease, even obesity." On the contrary, my family is into growing sugar canes for part of the income."

    If Mr. Roper had read carefully, he would have read that in Malaysia and Singapore, people consume a lot of fresh sugar cane juice. Once it was suspected that the canes were left standing on the market stall floor. The fibrous/porous cane sucked up the water and detergent when the cleaners cleaned the stalls in the evening. This practice is still done in Malaysia. In Singapore, this practice is stopped, and canes are cut into manageable lengths and left on the counter.

    Mr Roper doesn't not allow me to direct my reply, so I am sending this to you.



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    Sugar industry, incredibly, insists that once you look at the research, no expert says that sugar leads to any disease, even obesity.

    refining of sugar

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