Monday, April 15, 2013

Ngajat: The Iban dance

The Ngajat dance, I don't think you need to be taught the steps, as my Kai Sister Magdeline says, the agung gong is mesmorising, and others suspect that it is the the fire water the duak that threw any inhibition our of the window. As for me, this was the first and probably the only chance I get to do this dance. I wanted my New Zealand students to share in the fun. The dance is very elegant as you can see our dance leader Awa. I just twirled my fingers. Wearing my Nyonya Kebaya set the mood.

You can see from the face of Da Mei and Ling Kie King that we had a great time.
The beautiful Iban/Sea Dayak orange costume of Awa.

Our own Real McCoy, Awa our Iban beauty.

Siblings Benson and Mag ah Lee, full of fun. That is why I love them.

When Mother and her siblings were born, Grandfather Kong invited the Sea Dayak chieftains to be their adopted parents[1]. There was a big ceremony with much feasting and dining. These chieftains became Mother and her sibling’s Apai (Dad) and Amei (Mum). In so doing, the Sea Dayak chieftains and all those living in that particular longhouse pledged to treat Mother and her siblings as their own. Should any Sea Dayak from another long house come to attack the Kongs, their adopted longhouse would come and protect them. This is an interesting ceremony as we are unaware of other families doing the same.


  1. Looks like everyone is having FUN!

    abcw team

  2. Beautiful costumes and everyone looks happy and interested in the dance.

  3. Now THAT is headgear!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Looks very enjoyable to watch.

    Festival of Nation

    Catching up with letter N before O rolls in, I am close!
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team