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A photo that brings a thousand memories and coincidences.

I get all fuzzy with the turn of events with this photo. I am pasting the conversation.  When I finished High School, I taught in Kai Chung Secondary school, in Binatang. I left in Sept 1975.  Albert Lau and Lily Chan were seniors, and I didn't teach them, but as with the Chinese tradition, they regard me as their teacher.

My Dad was the DEO, Divisional Education officer of the region, and Albert lau tagged me this photo, which I saw for the first time. My Dad was in the dark Batik shirt.

Yesterday, Joe Chan whom I knew via New Zealand Chinese Association wrote the following comments. I was curious as Joe originally came from Africa, who was his friend, Edward Chieng who knew my Dad.

I did quite a bit of enquiry, Joe's friend was his in-law from Sibu, his sister in law is my Face book friend. Piecing the pieces together, Edward Chieng was also a DEO in another division and his with Josephine belongs to the same clan, the Quang ling as me, she she even went to my book launch.

Still lots to find out. Like when she went to the book launch, did she know I was my Dad's daughter.

I still don't know the occasion when this photo was taken. 

 — with Ivy LeeLily ChanDora Yii and Ann Chin.
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  • Ann Chin Thanks, I see my Dad. This is the first time I have seen this photo. Let me share for my relatives to view.
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  • Joe Chan Ann Chin Mr Edward Chieng is in Christchurch for a few months and he recognises Mr John Chan Hiew Fei in the picture, is he your Dad? Joe Chan
  • Ann Chin Yes, John Chan Hiu Fei is my Dad. He died in 2006. Which gentleman is Edward Chieng? Can u send him my regards.
  • Ann Chin Joe ChanFlorence Law what a coincidence, Edward's SIL is a good FB friend. I taught in Kai Chung before he came to Kai Chung In Binatnag.
  • Joe Chan Mr Edward Chieng is the brother-in-law of Florence Law who I see is your friend. He is married to Josephine Lau who attended and bought your book in Sibu. Mr Cheing was in Sacred Heart School as a student in1963 and taught there later on in 1974. They know Kai Chung Bintangor as he is inthe teaching line. Josephine knows you as "Pure Snow". Sorry to rake in the past. Joe Chan
  • Ann Chin Hi Joe. I am a person of nostalgia. Yes, Florence had been getting to know each other better and better and found we have so much in common.
  • Joe Chan Your mail crossed mine and he seem to know Tang Chok King and Cheing Im Hee?
  • Ann Chin Wh gentleman is Edward? Joe Chan
  • Ann Chin "Josephine Lau who attended and bought your book in Sibu do you mean she attended my book launch, was she a Kai Chung Student?
  • Joe Chan You can see Edward Chieng on FB, also on Florence pictures as they went to Queenstown together.
  • Ann Chin wh one on the photo?
  • Joe Chan I do not know but Josephine Lau is a member of the Kuong Ning Association
  • Joe Chan He is the one with white hair but some pictures he covered his head due to the cold
  • Ann Chin Are u their friends, I mean how did u know them? I have never met Mr Chieng, that is why I am asking, my Dad is the one in Batik shirt.
  • Joe Chan He knows your late dad very well from the photo, no need for batik shirt. That is why nostalgic moments are precious and met Helen Wong whilst digging for roots. Mr Edward Cheing is the father in law of my daughter Michelle Chan who is on fb and they are here on holiday
  • Ann Chin OIC. Tell him, I like to connect with him, very excited to get to know friends of my Dad. BTW, how did you happen to show this photo to Mr Chieng?
  • Joe Chan We have dinner for our family every Friday and Saturday at my house, 15 of us, wife cooks. . . his grand-daughter is my grand-daughter as his son Andrew Cheing married my daughter Michelle Chan. Also every Sunday after Mass like today the children treat us to Dim Sum, today our table had 16.
  • Joe Chan I showed him the photo as wanted to know if they knew the famous Sibu writer, and did a lot of tracing till he immediately said he know your Dad. I am also happy as our old age memories gets sharper as we age.
    • Ann Chin writing helps very much, events of the past comes out from the recess of our brains.
    • Ann Chin

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  • Ann Chin Thank you very much Joe.Will you tell him I send him a friend request. Any friend of my Dad is much appreciated, and his wife and I from the same Quang Ling Village. If she came to the book launch, I might have seen her, but I was too busy to remember her.
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  • Lily Chan Ann Chin was taken in Kai Chung secondary school, 1973 or 1974, sorry don't remember the occasion for the big celebration. We were (Ivy Lee, Dora Yii and Lily Chan) in the picture too in case you don't recognize us.
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    • Ann Chin who were all the men sitting? I recognise u 3.
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    • Ann Chin

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  • Lily Chan Important Men from government office . Recognize some faces but sorry don't know their names.
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  • Ivy Lee Former Chief Minister of Sarawak Yakub paid Kai Chung a visit. The one wearing sunglasses.

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