Monday, August 10, 2015

A strange aspect of my life.

I must be the few people who is allergic to this fruit. People ask is it the sap, I explain it is just the smell, champedek and this same family fruits like the champedak and tarap.  The smell is very strong and makes me dizzy.

When I was young, when Dad bought champedek or jackfruit, he buys a small bunch of rambutan and I sit alone outside on the stairs to eat. Later, the younger siblings didn't understand my special pampered treatment. They come and ask me for my rambutan.

I suspect the champedek has some substance like turpentine. I lived in the govt quarters. every few years, they paint the house. I was so sick.

  • FL  I can not take champedak too, but Ann Chin, jack fruit is Nangka is not champedak.
  • Ann Chin I can't eat all family of that fruit. What happens when you take champedek? Glad to know there is someone else who can't stand smelling fruit. There is a fruit tarap of the same family which I can't take.

    • FL I felt disoriented after eating cempedak but no problem with nangka and tarap.The smell of cempedak is too strong for me.
  • Ann Chin , disoriented is the word that suits me. I can't eat all three. Do you know if there are any one else who suffer like us? Because people laugh when I tell them.

  •  Have not met anyone else with this problem. When I told people about it , they sort of hinting that I am a fussy eater. Well...

  • Ann Chin , I am glad we found each other. You can tell all your friends. When I was young, some of my aunties wonder why my parents pamper me this way. 
    My parents were fantastic. When I was in Primary 5, I had to take in all the laundry and fold them. 6 kids and then twins. I used to get dizzy. At first my mother thought I folded the laundry while they were hot from the sun, I waited this till they were cool, and still I felt dizzy.
    After that, Mom swapped my chores. Since then, I fed the ducks and chicken. Then my aunties asked why I was given such a muddy smelly job.
     50 years on, I think may be it was the detergent from the laundry I was allergic to. 

    I am also allergic to peanuts. There is another story to it.

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