Friday, August 21, 2015

Knitting memories

Knitting was what I did as therapy during my bereavement. isn't the jumper stunning? People, strangers came up and asked me where I bought it. They couldn't believe that I knitted it. Then they offered to buy it or commission me to make one for them.

I told them, my knitting was not for sale. As each knit or purl I made, I thought of Andrew. Deborah loved wearing it. The pink skirt was part of a set. I sewed that too.

I think for me, knitting goes back to when I was 14, when we were taught knitting in school. It was very hard work, and the teacher who didn't speak the language of many of the girls. She kept saying in Chinese, undo undo undo. It came to a stage, that those girls knew she would say undo even before she saw it. There were two boys who opted from doing woodwork to domestic science hoping to learn cooking. 

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