Monday, August 24, 2015

Domestic science and Miss Mamora.

When we graduated from Primary 6, we were sent to Methodist Secondary School. There were 2 classes, 1A and 1B. It was a random selection, but the 1As thought they were a better class than the 1Bs.

For Domestic Science, the 1As were taught by Miss Mamora to lern to cook and bake. Baking was a big deal as most people did not bake at that time.

Robert Lai and I were in B class. Robert and Stephen Nyangi volunteered to take domestic science because they thought they would learn to bake. You can imagine how disappointed they were when we were taught to sew. On top of it, they suffered jeering from the boys.

1B learned sewing from Miss mamora, and the next two years, we also learn crocheting and knitting.

This cross-stitch I did when I was grieving for my late baby son Andrew. It was to Miss Mamora's patient teaching that I learn to sew.

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