Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mangrove and charcoal

 This is a seed of the Mangrove plant. These seeds are washed up on the beach. In the sheltered Marine reserve, they root and grow into adult mangrove trees. In areas where the waves are very strong, they are washed away.

In Sibu, we used a lot of charcoal for cooking. and they came from our mangrove tree. The mangrove tree in Sarawak is different from that of the New Zealand tree.

Recent popularity in using charcoal in making bread made me curious. I remember in the 90s, doctors prescribed charcoal tablets for unsettled stomach and as a precaution when you go traveling. Burger King is using bamboo charcoal as an ingredient in its cheese for a new promotional burger in Japan called the Kuro Pearl and Kuro Ninja burgers.

I also heard of white charcoal. Some cooks also use them in their cooking.
White charcoal has several benefits. You can place it in a water container to filter water and release natural minerals. This will also help absorb chemicals in the pipe water.
White charcoal also has the ability to warm the body and help improve blood circulation, skin, and hair when added to the bath. It also helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
White charcoal also supplies negative ions and purifies and balances the moisture content in the air.

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