Friday, February 22, 2013

Foreword by Charles Chan Chok Kwong.

In the Confucian Paternalistic Society, it was very important to have sons and grandsons. My eldest Uncle Chan Yok Ing was banished to Manchuria and he had no sons. My brother Charles became the number one grandson. My grandpa wore a fine Chinese Ming Dynasty ensemble. You normally only see this in movies.

Charles Chan Chok Kwong.

After Father’s sudden death, the siblings began to open up to each other their recollections and interpretations of the past events relating to our father from their individual perspective.
Whilst such need for reminiscent is normal to any family in similar circumstances, however with the ease of the internet and the passion and enthusiasm of siblings and their children, the depth of the colourful past events of generations of the Chan Clan became apparent. Such was the richness of our family history that it became clear that they should be recorded as a living book for the family.
Hence the birth of Ann’s book.
Ann received much encouragement to write the book from friends and colleagues.  Initially some siblings participated because it was therapeutic; others joined in for the fun.  With 6 generation of history recording is not only daunting, it was a mammoth task. Ann took the responsibility with much gusto.
Our family came from humble beginnings. We are spread over a wide area of the world. We include many races and cultures. We are proud of our culture that has assimilated with Kelabits, Ibans, Orang Ulus, Europeans, Bidayuhs, and various Chinese dialects. Yet, we could sit down and engage a discussion and enjoy a meal. All these because our ancestors from the Chans and the Kongs left China in the 1900s, and thus created our own brand.

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