Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Alphabe-Thursday. Letter P for Plants Neem plants.

My Grand father would be very proud of me. I planted these two Neem trees in the campus of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

What is amazing is , we staff residents were not allowed to plant anything, the university wanted a manicured campus. But I was a "Freedom" person, I didn't care. I planted these Neem trees in the open area.  The tree cutters left them untouched because they know Neems are useful medicinal plants.

Many years after I left Singapore, NTU hosted the Junior Olympics, and don't know for what reason, they tagged all the trees. So my two trees were tagged and were saved from being chopped.

Another amazing story is how I got the cuttings. To make the story short, I googled the world expert on Neem, and this Professor from India had just been to Singapore for a conference. He emailed the Ngee Ann Poly lecturer, who then passed 12 twigs to my neighbour who was lecturing there. From talking about it in the morning to receiving them in my hand it was 8 hours. My two twigs survived to become big trees.

People should plant trees,
Even if they don't live there,
long enough to enjoy the fruits.
I planted two neem trees.
It was against the regulation.
Now,by fluke,
When NTU hosted the Junior Olympics,
the trees  have become protected trees.
They are tagged.
People are welcomed to my trees now.

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  1. That's certainly a worthy accomplishment...

  2. Those trees really grew. How wonderful that they're now protected.

  3. Not a tree I was familiar with before. Fantastic story!!