Monday, March 3, 2014

goslings out on a sunday swim.

My Cousin Bart and his wife Vetty came to visit Auckland. I took them to western springs, it is autumn, there were no goslings.

Mum and Dad used to keep geese.

I am repeating these photos because I love them very much. It was this time last year when I went to my favourite park and saw these three adult geese taking the goslings for a Sunday swim. They swam a whole stretch of over one hundred meters each way like a fleet of naval boats.

Do count and see how many goslings there are. I counted 17 or 18. Others counted as many as twenty. Ka Pai aka good job, Goosey Lucy and Daddy Gander.

When I observe the geese, I often see another adult goose tagging along mummy and daddy. They share protecting responsibilites and fight off other grown geese when they come too near to the goslings.

I invite you all to come to New Zealand to witness this marvelous sight.

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  1. What a pretty place! Love the goslings. It is a big family.