Saturday, March 29, 2014

Family Chain

This is a beautiful chain,
A friend from Mexico gave it to me.
You can see the seven round blobs with beautiful flowers.
This is a complete chain.

Imagine if someone yanks it,
And the chain breaks and one of the flowers drop.
It can't be fixed.
It no longer becomes a complete chain.

This is like when we become bereaved.
Our family chain will always be broken.
In my case, the hurt was great.
Because it was the last link of my chain.

I dedicate this to the surviving families,
of that fateful MAS plane.
Cry, it is OK to cry.
For your loved ones had been snatched from you.
When Pulau Kidjang boat sank, my parents were part of the accompanying group with the CM to the morgue. My mum said, the CM cried,. Skeptical 17 year old me asked if it was crocodile tears. My mum said, unless you have a heart of stone, when u were at the morgue, you too will cry.

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