Friday, March 14, 2014

Rearing chicken and ducks.

I always enjoy chatting with Yi Chang. She makes me think from the recess of my brain, things that had happened that were forgotten.I told her, I was the one responsible for feeding the chickens and the ducks in the family. When we had an unexpected guest,some one would boil the water, me and mum and other younger siblings would chase and round up the chicken or duck. I was a butcher at a young age. With sis Margaret assisting. Once we dressed the chicken, it is the role of older sisters to cook it. In no time, before the other chickens notice someone is missing, it is served on the table.
I recall, one Chinese New year, Sis Rose invited two girls from RTC. They came from another town, Rose invited them without asking Mum and dad. Dad was cross, we didn't have DAI BA aka a lot, so Mum said, Just TONg another chicken and duck. Wonder where those 2 girls are. Chang Yi, may be yr neighbours.

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