Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alphabe-Thursday letter N for nest

Photo: an unusual bird's nest.

Once a bird made a nest at our norfolk pine that Mother had planted as a Christmas tree. Mother brought the nest inside the house to the aghast of Dad. Dad made her take the tree downstairs to the garden.

My very smart mum removed the nest and tied it to another plant in the garden. Mum warned us not to go to the plant. We never checked if the bird rejected the nest.

I admire Dad's wisdom immensely. I would hate it for the mother bird to have come back and not find her eggs and by the time she found it,  the nestlings have already died. A bereaved mother bird.



  1. Oh that's too bad about the mother and her babes!

  2. Never touch a bird's nest. Mother bird will not return. Human scent is danger.

  3. If the birds didn't come back, they probably found another place to nest nearby. Birds, I think, go with the flow. At least they have to. :-)
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  4. I was once aghast when the Kitchen-Chimney-service guy removed a nest that birds had built. It had a number of eggs there... I scolded him a lot. I did keep the nest on our terrace. But, I wondered how will the Mother-bird find her nest here...She'd look for it in the original location... I am still very guilty & upset about this incident...