Friday, August 22, 2014

My brothers' gourmet cuisine

It was twenty eight years ago when I had Christmas with my parents and brothers and their families in Australia. One year, I made an impromptu trip to Australia and celebrated Christmas with them at Joseph's house.

What is Christmas like Down under without the snow?

Joseph roasted/smoked his turkeys in an American Weber BBQ, and Charles did his yummy ham. We had a great time despite the hot Australian summer. There were prawn platter, chicken, salad, salami, beef jerky, fruit platter and the fiercely claimed by Australia and New Zealand Pavlova. And plenty of champagne and vodka to wash down the food.

My brothers, Charles, Joseph and Henry are all good cooks.

This is Charles breaking open his "begger Chicken". The chicken is encased in a dough and roasted. Charles had to use a hammer to break the harden dough open.

This is similar to my Grand dad's salt chicken. Grand Dad would heat up a whole heap of coarse sea salt in the wok. When he deemed the salt hot enough, he would bury the chicken in it.

That holiday in Oz with D is very special to me. It was the last summer I had with my mum.
share with us delicious treats from your town. What do you like to eat? What is your town known for when it comes to cuisine? Do you have recipes of dishes from your region, that you would like to share? Restaurants and cafes are also a option. 
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  1. This looks absolutely delicious. Your brothers is an amazing cook. The dishes look picture perfect. Thank you for sharing and linking up with Friday My Town Shoot Out.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Your ham looks wonderful. We usually have turkey for our Christmas dinner.

  3. It's great when the extended family gather for a meal. There is so much to catch up :)

  4. That chicken sounds so yummy!!