Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our world/outdoor/red:Gathering

A few years ago, my sister Elizabeth and her husband Kalang came over from Borneo for a fleeting visit.

So we went to a public park where we saw this tree with lots of nuts under it. It looked like macademia nuts.
When Mum moved to her Australian house, the neighbour had a giant macademia tree. It had branches growing over to our section. Mum and I would pick the nuts on our side of the garden. Dad told us off that it wasn't very good to start off as new neighbours stealing their nuts.  I joked about the anecdote of the fruit outside the fence, our aunties' famous saying.

I am quite confident that this tree with all the nuts lying on the ground was a macademia tree. We started collecting the nuts. We got home and with my nut cracker, I opened a nut and served it to Elizabeth. It was bitter.

Uncle D said it probably isn't macademia, and it could be poisonous. I had tried to poison my sister. We remembered a mushroom poisoning incident in the family.
What an experience!  We felt "Nuts."

It's most likely to be horse chestnuts which indeed is poisonous.

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  1. I like your story about the nuts! You'd better come over and pick up my macadamias which didn't even get looked at last year because I was not well!!

  2. Lucky you didn't succeed in poisoning your sister!

  3. That's plain nuts! That tree is a horse chestnut, botanical name of Hippocastanus, edible but not palatable. Mainly food for pigs and fun for children to play with.

  4. Hi again, sorry I was not your Mum's neighbor! I live further north on the Fraser Coast - just as beautiful as the Gold Coast but with lots less people!