Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letter Z for Zapped.

The Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve is one of Manukau's premier parks. It is an internationally significant heritage landscape and an important natural, archaeological and historic area. Created by volcanic eruptions 20,000 years ago.
We went to Otuataua where there were miles and miles of stone wall. Farmers rent the land to graze their cows.

Some of the walls were crumbling, and instead of rebuilding them, they put through just one line of electric wire. At some spot, they were high enough for you to crawl under, or low enough to edge over. Because of the crumbly rocks, it was quite hard to do it.

At one point I got ZAPPED. It was like a quick sting.

I recall once when we were staying in our own house, Mum and dad had a fence round the chicken coop. Our ducks and chicken were stolen. I suggested to them, to get Uncle Francis who was a electric technician to link soem live wires to the fence.

Mum was enthusiastice as she was so fedup with the thieves. But Dad vetoed, he said he didn't want an electrified corpse stuck to our fence.


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