Friday, November 14, 2014

"white flower snake-tongue grass", sometimes abbreviated to 蛇舌草

Ann Chin I bought a can of this snake tongue medicinal drink in Singapore, and was looking for the herb, May I share this for my blog?
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Longfei Yong 陈洁雪 午间好~当然可以,谢谢!

The good thing about social media  is we can share photos. Of course, it is courteous to ask  for permission first.

It was two years ago, when I was in Singapore. I saw a can of
"white flower snake-tongue grass", sometimes abbreviated to 蛇舌草. I was at my last leg of my trip and my sis said it will be good for you.

I was feeling heaty after coming from winter in New Zealand. I bought the can, and it was a pleasant drink.

 I took a photo of the can, but I forgot to blog about this.

This photo of my Facebook friend looks like he had sprouted a whole lot of baby plants. usually in the past, Grand pa , mum or Great Grand ma would send us to the road side to pull up "white flower snake-tongue grass", sometimes abbreviated to 蛇舌草 growing the the wild.

As for Longfei Yong, what a great idea.

I googled and found a blog post by another facebook friend Kenneth Goh.  Snake Tongue Tea? Gosh.. I Am Going Away……白花蛇舌草罗汉果茶

Hedyotis diffusa (Chinese: 白花蛇舌草; pinyin: báihuā shéshécǎo; literally: "white flower snake-tongue grass", sometimes abbreviated to 蛇舌草 shéshécǎo[1]) is a kind of herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is sometimes combined with Siraitia grosvenorii (simplified Chinese: 罗汉果; traditional Chinese: 羅漢果; pinyin: luóhànguǒ) to make hot drinks like Lohoguo of Guongsei (simplified Chinese: 罗汉果蛇舌草精; traditional Chinese: 羅漢果蛇舌草精; pinyin: luóhànguǒ shéshécǎo jīng) or Luohanguo Pearl and Sheshecao Beverage.[2]
Wild Hedyotis diffusa can be found in China, Japan, and Nepal.

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