Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1975 : Ann goes to Canada.

There were a lot of write ups of Father and Mother. This photo was at the Sibu airport.  Extreme right  is 4th aunt Ngui who always claimed that she was my favourite Aunt and I, her favourite niece, On the left, my 3rd Uncle Ngieng. 

In August 1975, I said goodbye to my students and colleagues in Kai Chung Secondary School, in Binatang . I was going to University of Windsor in Canada. Father timed his vacation in September so he and Mother could accompany me to Singapore. I was the only sibling that our parents went with me. Baby Grace went at 14 by herself to Australia.

In Singapore, we stayed at a kind of lodging from funds raised by our Kwong Ning people all over South East Asia. It was .smack in the middle of People's Park. The upstairs had rooms, quite spartan but clean. They had a care taker to clean the place and change the linen. Downstairs was a small temple.

We went to pay our respects to Aunt Mou Ping at 27 Tanjong Pajar. Then we went to Nanyang University. Father proudly told me that I should remember that the university was raised by all the Chinese in South East Asia, and it was our university  Father and Grand father not only donated a brick each. They actively went to seek donation.

Is it a coincidence that I should in 1990 return to Nanyang University, and live there for 16 years as a faculty wife?

I am going back to my roots and have added my Chinese name in my blog.

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