Friday, March 22, 2013

1977 Father's birthday

That year, Charles returned to work in Sibu. He returned to work on the court case of the Pulau Kijang tragedy. Karen in red is Charles' wife. 

The woman in the middle was a friend from New Zealand. Joseph took the photo. The missing child was Margaret. She was in New Zealand.

Some of the kids were the Tong kids. They lived next door and our home was their second home. Mother even took them by express boat to Sibu. Imagine Mum with 6 primary school kids

Bodai aka Grand mother Kong came to visit. The lucky baby grew up to have great sporting prowess. He held the Sarawak record for a long time. He is Chai Song Lip. Ah Lip represented Malaysia in the Commonwealth Games. 
The media dubbed him the leaping lizard. Ah lip represented Malaysia in the Commonweath Games. 

The media called him the “Ah Lip, The leaping lizard.”


A quick glance of the photo, 3 remain in Borneo, hence, the title of my book, From China to Borneo to beyond."

Bodai, Mum and Dad have gone beyond to another world, the rest of us gone beyond another part of the globe.

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