Friday, March 29, 2013

Strong bereaved women

In both sides of my Chan and Kong family, there were bereaved mother. This post is reposted from my general blog. Megan and her husband and some of her children.

I decided sturdy must mean big, strong, tall. What can be more sturdy than the tall trees and structures like cell towers, and poles that support the power lines.

In New Zealand, a strong person is referred to as a tree. A strong sturdy tree like an Oak  or Kauri tree.

So here is Megan, and all the other bereaved mums, strong sturdy trees.

 I wanted to photograph trees to show how tall they are, and my first experiment wasn't too good, because it only showed the branches.

I actually lay right under the tree. There was a car parked near by with some young men. When I downloaded , I had tilted the trees and had to rotate my photos.

I asked for tips and fellow blogger, advised me to lay down too. So it is not so weird after all.

Not satisfied, I went to take more, but because I was at the main road, I didn't want to lay down. I live and work in this suburb, A kid might tell his parents, "Mum, Dad, that's my teacher." The parents might say," That crazy woman on the ground???" LOL

Two roads meet,
 I couldn't take both,
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference

Adapted Robert Frost.

It's been almost 40 years when I was in High School when I had to do English Literature. I didn't appreciate the course, but I remember Robert Frost. I marvel how wise he was, and how much his insight applied to my  life. There had been many cross roads in my life, and by choosing the one less travelled by, my life has indeed been different.
One very significant road that I didn't want to take, led me to be a bereaved mother. It was the most rocky and arduous road, but  it brought me many friends who are bereaved. Our tragedies made us strong and sturdy like trees.

I have written before about my friend Megan Lee. We met under most unusual circumstances, and I took up the challenge to be her friend. When I knew all the terrible things that had happened to her, I wanted to give her a bear hug and cry with her.

This is her blog:  and you will cry buckets. Megan lost 2 children to SIDS and 2 to miscarriage. The fact that she could stand up and take care of her 3 little kids at home is beyond me. Yet, she is doing something for Sands. (Still birth and neonatal deaths)

Megan Lee wrote to Sands,
I'm knitting a blanket for an angel. It's pink, as that is the wool I have, but it's a baby, pretty pink. I will border it in a deeper pink, once I'm finished, but I figure, you will be able to find someone to give it to, once I've finished it. It's not much, but it's something I am good at doing. :)

Ka Pai and paki paki Megan, I love you.

Megan makes the edit:  she made me cry more.
I have, however, six baby angels, not four. I have lost two little boys to SIDS, but I have lost four little ones to three early miscarriages. So, I have six.

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