Monday, March 11, 2013

Father's Painting on my book cover.

D was lucky, she was taught by the "best." We came to live in Singapore in 1990 after 13 years on New Zealand. 

When my Dad was practising his Chinese painting, he let D do her own painting. Such memories can't be bought with money. She had her own style.

She has written her Chinese name which means bright.

Painting on Cover:
When  Father retired, he taught himself Chinese Calligraphy and painting. He was not happy with this. He felt it was amateurish. But I kept it and posted in on the internet because I was very proud of it.

A friend asked me why I have a plant on my front cover. I explained it in the inside cover. I discussed it with my siblings and I found this painting. All of us  agree this is the best. The plant represents both China and Borneo.

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