Friday, July 18, 2014

Fruit Salad (Monstera_deliciosa.) 2

Two weeks ago, I picked an unripe Fruit Salad for my uncle, and left in in my pantry and forgot about it. This morning, I found it had ripened with a ripe banana fragrance, and bits of the fruit was dropping like kernels of sweet corn.

I went to my garden and snapped the frutis at it's different stages.I am not very adventurous in eating unfamiliar food, but I think when my brother-in-law comes from Borneo, he will try it.

The leaves are sold in florists shops for forage decor. One evening, I watched an American foodie TV show. One of the contestant used the leaf on her plate in her Caribbean themed dinner. I was thinking, I could sell my fruit salads fruits as organic fruits, and the leaves to a florist.

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  1. Why should I try to eat any thing. I am not hungry! :)