Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuba: fish and plant poison

Derris elliptica Benth.

Mao yu teng


when I was young in Sarawak, there was a root where you pound, and extract a milky juice. Dilute it to spray on your plants to kill pest. Dilute it less  concentrate, pour to a small river, kill the fish, not so strong that will kill u when you eat the fish.  

Mum used this for a pesticide.
Because it can kill indiscriminately, its use is now being limited.

 Thanks to my friends who refreshed my memory.

Monica C. Holmes Ann Chin , Mok Chek Hoh i 

Insecticidal / Poison / Rotenone: (1) Roots are insecticidal; rotenone from roots is raw material for insecticides against plant pests. (2) Since early times, the root has been used as fish poison in the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, and the Malay Peninsula. The Chinese and Malay gardeners have used the root decoction as an insecticide. (3) Rotenone has also been found effective against plant lice, leaf beetles, aphids, flies, caterpillars, ticks, chicken lice, red spiders and other insects. (4) It has been reported to be more effective than potassium cyanide or nicotine and equally effective as pyrethrum. (5) In the Philippines, cattle have been reported to die after eating the leaves. (6) Humans have been reported to use it for suicide and murder. (7) Because of toxicity, rotenone as insecticidal is being phased out in many eco-conscious countries.
- Fish / Arrow poison: White milky sap from pounded roots used as fish poison. Malay indigenous people also use the sap as arrow-poison for hunting
. The sap, combined with Antiaris toxocaria, used in Borneo as an ingredient of the Kayan dart and arrow poison or blow-dart poison for hunting.  

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