Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday letter C for collecting, carton

This is the Civic Theatre, not the cinema my Grandpa went to watch his movies. I was awed by this beautiful building when I first saw it in 1978.

It is a heritage building so I can't bring you in there as I am not allowed to take photos inside the building. Inside you will be carried into the nights of the Arabian, including the occasional comet. In the foyer, you see ornate statutes of elephants and richly decorated in motifs and styles from romantic images of the East.

The first time I entered this building was to watch Star Wars. I didn't like Star Wars, but I was mesmerised by the theatre. I am stilled awed by it, thirty years later when I watched "My Fair Lady". It seems so incredible that so much attention was placed in detail.

The Colgate Carton race is a competition for schools where they can win prizes online simply by collecting Colgate Cartons.  The more Colgate Cartons schools collect the more prizes they can win.   All primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand are eligible to participate.

When this competition advertisement comes on, it brings me to when I was in High school, another toothpaste had a collection of it's carton. It wasn't for charity or competition. It had an arrangement with a certain cinema. For a collection of x number of cartons, you can change it with the cheapest cinema ticket.

Grandpa got all his children to buy that brand of toothpaste, so he could go to the movies. Dad complained that people would criticise he was such a cheapskate and would not buy his dad a ticket. 

Grandpa  said, if people say anything, I will tell them that I wanted the cheap seat because I couldn't see properly with a more expensive ticket sitting at the back.



  1. haven't been in a real theatre in ages, they still make those? I think your grandfather knows a good deal when he sees one.

    have a great day.

  2. How sad you weren't able to take photos of the inside!

  3. I love your Grandpa about how he would protect his son's reputation, and still get to go to the movies!

  4. Your Grandpa is crafty, not cheap.......

    I'm sure there are pearly whites, behind the cheesy grin, as he changes cartons into a ticket to the cinema......

    Thanks for linking your post to the letter "C"