Friday, June 21, 2013

Reflections: Surfers Paradise

This photo was taken on the Surfer's Paradise at the same time when I took another one which I talked of the Aquarius city.

This photo shows the back of my sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth hold the key to more memories of the Chan family, not because she is older, but because the rest of us younger than her had left our home Town Sibu.

This photo shows a fuzzy reflection, just like a fuzzy recollection of our youth. 

Two days ago, someone connected to me via a friend's blog while googling his Dad's name and came to my blog.

His comment to my blog and his brother's subsequent emails  were liken to opening the sluice gate and brought a floodgate of memories. 

Their Dad Mr. Chew Chiong Tack and our Dad were very good friends. So good that he loaned to Dad Mrs. Chew's wedding dress to mum. (Despite the fact that Dad's cousin Uncle Kok Fei was wedded not so long ago, and Aunty Kok Fei had a wedding dress. A mystery to us kids why Mum wore Mrs. Chew dress, which perhaps only Mrs. Chew knows,)

They sent me a photo of Mr and Mrs Chew's wedding photo. It was like holding a bar of gold, and fantasizing Mum in that photo. 

My youngest sister Grace never knew Mum wore a white wedding dress, and she said,"  Ann, your story about Mrs Cheong Tak is very romantic/nostalgic."

This morning, my little brother, Henry wrote to tell of recent dealings with the family.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs Chew Chiong Tack and your family. 

I will be writing more as I get more news.

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