Friday, June 14, 2013

How Great Thou Art.

Miss Jackie Fries was a missionary from USA to Sibu twice. She taught me Maths and Physics in Form 4 and form 5 in Methodist Secondary School, Sibu. She was my form teacher. I have forgotten the formal education, but I have not forgotten the two hymns she taught. Amazing Race and How Great Thou Art.

Photos show Miss Fries listening to 3 years old Sam read. I was privileged to host Miss Fries during her Singapore legs of the Reunion in 1999.
Our visitor singer David Morris came to sing in Mt Albert Baptist Church last Sunday. . . He led us to sung How Great Thou Art, first in Maori, and then in English. He said that the Maori Battalion sang it before they went to fight in World War Two.  It was the 28th Maori Battalion, a legendary 

unit that in World War II fought across Greece, Crete, North

 Africa and through Italy.It was the legendary Maori Battalion song;

Almost 3600 men served overseas with the Maori Battalion 

between 1940 and 1945. Of these, 649 were killed in action or died on active service.


How Great Thou Art _ Whakaaria Mai Lyrics Sir Howard Morrison

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