Saturday, June 1, 2013

Margaret and geese

It was the year before I started school in Padang Road. I was almost 5, and my sister Margaret was three plus. We kept chicken, ducks and geese. 

One day, Margaret went missing,  Mother asked me if I had seen her, and I said no.

In a frantic search, round the neighbourhood, they found her herding the geese back. The geese ignored her and the more she chased them with her stick, the further away they went.

The geese continued to gallivant, and Margaret continued to herd them. Father and Mother even took me and Margaret have a photo taken in case Margaret went missing again, they could show the people her photo.

Father and Mother decided it was too much hassle having to look for Margaret and the geese. The geese went to the pot and that was the last of the gallivanting geese. We didn't keep another goose again.

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