Sunday, June 2, 2013


My photohunt meme 's theme: Quaggy. Quaggy  according to Google is marshy. I remember my home town, Sibu. Part of it is quaggy. We were flooded every year. When the flood water receded, the  mud were squishy.

Dad grew up in Pulau Kluadi. We used to visit relatives there, and it was so swampy.  (Photo from Francis Chen)

Houses then had stilts, and no running water or electricity. The stilts were because the Rejang River tended to flood. Though my grand parents houses were not in a flood prone area. It was also to keep the house cool. 

The jar evoked many memories of children raised in the town, but of their grandparents' in the country. The jar contained water, and at that time, we didn't wear shoes. In this case, a small tin container was attached to the rim, and you scooped water to wash your feet before you went into the house. You didn't need to dry your feet, as by the time you walked up the steps, your feet is dried. 

My grand dad Chan's jar was different, no, it wasn't the big salted eggs jar. It was much smaller. The opening was bigger, so we got inside and rub our feet or in the case of the youngsters, we did a jiggle and dance. We had great time, even washing our feet. I know, because my siblings who now live all over the world relish such minor things which our children can only imagine.

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