Thursday, June 27, 2013

San Lei Bo the adulterous.

Fellow Face Book friend Michael Lim posted this photo: 

Ancient china use this to dump those adulteress into the sea

There is a chapter on San Lei Bo in my book. In my 

Cantonese Kwang Ning dialect, San means Alive, Lei means 

separate. Bo means woman.

She was married to an invalid, had a child when everyone 

knew the husband couldn't consummate the marriage. She 

was caught sleeping with her Father in Law, and was about 

to be drowned in a cage like this as a sow. In nick of time, 

The Rajah Brooke stopped his wicked custom. 

They chased her away from the village, her Father in law 

got off Scot free, The baby killed. Such was the cruelty of 

the Confucian paternalistic society.

Thank you Michael.

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