Friday, June 21, 2013

Father and Mother 2.陳鹞飛/陈鹞飞


It was in the World War 2.

Father and Mum were forced to wed.

It was all due to the harshness of the Japanese.

Dad went up the river in a canoe.

Uncle Kok Fei went with him.

To bring his bride,

They had only seen each other once.

All 3 had to paddle.

Father said they had to be quiet,

Uncle Kok Fei was mischievous,

every now and then,

he played the drum.

Father had to hush him,

They were trying to avoid the ibans.

They were afraid of the Japanese.

Mother must have felt she was Pocahontas.

I am certain she didn't sit in a sedan chair.

Re: Aunty Kok fei's wedding dress,

when she became a grand mother, 

She gave it to her DIL,

May be to cover the baby  from mozzies.

Instead the DIl used it as a rag.

Aunty KOK was heart broken, but didn't say anything.

Kaypoh Ann went to the sarong,

and retrieved the wedding dress.

Aunty Kok Fei cried and told me her wedding.

--- On Fri, 21/6/13, Grace Chan-Tiong <> wrote:

Hi Ann

I never knew mum wore a white dress for her wedding.

I remember once she told me about her wedding. I was probably 8 years old.  We had just stripped off the changkok manis plant (she zai choi) and she bundled them and crafted them into a sedan chair.  She said that's where the Chinese bride sat while people carried her around.

She sat in one of them.  What I remember was she wore a Chinese red dress.  I supposed I asked because I used to draw and draw weddings and I drew many different dresses and I was interested in her wedding dress.

Ann, your story about Mrs Cheong Tak is very romantic/nostalgic.

Love Grace


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