Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Gawai 2

It is the Queen's birthday in the British Commonweath. 

Once in Sarawak, we celebrated this too. 

When Sarawak joined Malaysia, we celebrate Gawai Day

 . It coincided with harvesting and can be considered as 

a harvest festival for the natives. It is celebrated in the 

1st of June, but is stretched to a week.

Some of my family are Kelabits, orang ulus, Ibans and 

Bidayuhs. I wish them a happy occasion.

Here's my niece Ruth dancing their traditional Kelabit dance. It is important to keep one's culture and traditions

Ruth learned her dance from her mum Elly. Henry and I were doing the modern version of the Nyajat during Charles' birthday,

Below, I was enjoying my first Nyajat dance, totally oblivious of the camera. We were following the steps of the beautiful Awa.

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