Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hibiscus mutabilis

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Hibiscus mutabilis, also known as the Confederate rose or the cotton rosemallow,

I have only seen this flower in my Grandpa's garden in the 1960s. He called it Tai Yung Flower, Sun flower. I called it Ah Kung's magic flower. In the morning, when the sun rises, the flowers are pure white, and it follows the sun.  They turn pink around noon and in the evening they turn red, and drop of. The next day, new flowers will bloom.

It looks like a multi tiered Hibiscus. Have you seen one or owned one?

In ancient China, the flowers are believed to resemble beautiful ladies.A Chinese proverb runs: "Cotton rosemallow out of the Water"(出水芙蓉), meaning a young lady of appreciated beauty.Certain number of historical painting depicting beautiful young women are also titled as such by their respective painters.

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