Thursday, July 17, 2014

ABC Wednesday: Attitude/ Kindness/Good Samaritans.

 This is a story of a kind Attitude. Two boys gave up their time in the park and did an Amazing thing.

Good Samaritans. 

I was taking my newly arrived from Taiwan friends out to Coyle's park and having a picnic. Dogs without a leash are not allowed to be in a public park. This dog came near to us when we were having our picnic. 

A woman came to us and told us that dogs should not be allowed, she said especially when there are so many young children. May be she thought it was our dog.

I told her it wasn't our dog. I was afraid to get near it.

These two young men checked the disc of the dog and saw there was a telephone number. He called the number. The dog had snuck out of the house. The big boy hung around and waited for the dog owner who came in his push bike.

This dog owner was lucky to have encountered these 2 guys. Someone else could have rang the dog pound, and it would be bye bye to $$$$.

We were having our picnic when a dog came near us. A woman told us that dogs without a leash was not allowed in the park. There were young children around.

We were very near the playground.

 It did look like the dog belonged to us, it followed Dora every where.

Big boy waits patiently for dog owner. He tells us he had informed dog owner. Dog had snuck out of house.

Dog goes home with his owner on the bike.


  1. AWESOME ATTITUDE of the boys and a happy ending.

  2. Both our dogs have our telephone number on a disk. Would hope some kind people would do the same if they were to go missing.
    Denise ABC Team

  3. that was a very kind act and saved the naughty dog from the dog pound, well done those boys,