Monday, August 24, 2015

changko aka hoe

This is a tool used a lot by the Chinese and Malays and Ibans in South East Asia. We don't use spades or forks. We swing it over our shoulder and the arm force and perhaps gravity brings the blade down. I have used the changko and the spade and fork. The changko works better. The changkos my parents had had longer handles. Must ask Martin Lo whose photo this is why his is short handle.

My little twin siblings, when they were about 3 years old,  Henry was digging with a changko, the other. Helen went behind him, the changko landed on her head. Luckily Henry was just a young kid, and the wound was not deep. Off to the hospital. I think I wrote in my book.

There were 9 kids, and we were always getting into scraps and injury. The doctors knew mum well. Only family of the senior servants got to see the doctors. The other patients saw the Senior assistant.

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