Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Canadian Chinese Soldiers and Ah Kung.

Dear Larry,

Thank you for your long email. I wonder if I can connect with Norman Wong and tell him on behalf of our late Ah Kung aka granddad the Chinese people's gratitude to these Canadian Chinese soldiers.

Before these Canadian Chinese soldiers, the Chinese in Sarawak/Borneo were looked down and regarded as country bumpkins. The Ibans aka dayaks were head hunters, and to have the Captain as the boss of even the white soldiers was hard to imagine. This subsequently made the Ibans respect the Chinese.

My brothers remember from Ah Kung this "Big and Tall" Chinese whom they address as Captain Fong. We don't know how that Captain Fong, but it certainly took place, The word, "DAPAK" a local term for salute, was used when the white soldiers even "DAPAK"ed this Captain Fong was something incredible for a white man to do to a Chinese man. This elevated the Chinese position.

If I can have Norman's address, I would like to send him a copy of my book. My book is available in Auckland libraries and Sarawak libraries.

In 1975-77, I studied in Windsor Ontario. Yes, I now live in New Zealand.

My Ah Kung wore the same type of Chinese high collar Chinese top and fisherman's pants, and short hair all his life.

Am I allowed to post your email on my blog and facebook?



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