Friday, October 31, 2014

Photohunt: Barbie


 My first reaction to Barbie is my girls have grown, and given away their barbies.

I can't resist but think of an earlier post.

Santa, I want: 1 a barbie doll,
                      2 my little pony.
                      3 Lego
                      4 a tutu skirt
                      5 paints
Wait, how many things am I allowed?
Wait, how many more am I allowed? I haven't asked for my sister, mum, dad and my best friends.

Santa, " Hurry up kid, I am not an hourly paid labourer, I can't go home until all the kids have gone."

We went to a BBQ, the city's free BBQ allows you 1 hour of free use. This gentleman was smart to bring his own barbie.

The PhotoHunt today is 'Barbie'

1 comment:

  1. We both had to 'stretch' on the Barbie. I haven't had any in my house in years either.
    Happy Hunting ~