Monday, October 27, 2014

Grandfather Chan's Heros.

 Cedric Mah
 Photo from  Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society

Grandpa's hero was very tall, taller than Europeans.  This soldier could well be his Hero.

Roger Cheng and the following Chinese Canadians flew into Borneo by Catalina Flying Boat, 6 August 1945 and stayed with a head-hunting tribe.

Billy Lee Jimmy Shiu MM Roy Chan MM Louey King MM Norman Low MM

I am wondering if any of the 5 above that came down the Rejang River to the Lanang Road camp. The Captain whom my grandfather said was even taller than the white soldiers. My brothers Charles &Joseph now in Australia, Henry in Borneo would love to hear about their hero, (rather our Grandpa's hero.) Ann in New Zealand.

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