Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grandpa Kong's Gramaphone 小白船

Grandpa Kong was a cool man, he was advanced in technology . Up in Durin in the 1950s, he had an old fashioned record player. He was a headman, and we were so proud to visit him. He was the only person with a player like that. He also had a row of cinema seats that he bought from a cinema that was renovating. 

Our bums never sat still, we moved up and down, and when we got off, the seat flipped up. We were pretending we were in the movies.

We were watching Joy Luck Club, Sibu version. My mum, her 2 sisters and Grandma performed for us. They were seated the entire weekend at the tiny table playing cards.

If we were good, Grand pa would let  us wind the handle. But he wouldn't let us place the needle on the vinyl. "You got to be very careful, I used to let you kids do it, but after you have gone home, you ruined the needle and it gets stuck. Then the music sound awful"

I remember one song," Lan lan de tien kung, yr pian bai youn."   In the blue sky, there is a white cloud."  Song is in Chinese, sorry my Chinese is not good enough to translate.

lan lan de tian kong yin he li

蓝 蓝 的 天 空 银 河 里

you zhi xiao bai chuan

有 只 小 白 船

chuan shang you ke gui hua shu

船 上 有 棵 桂 花 树

bai tu zai you wan

白 兔 在 游 玩

jiang er jiang er kan bu jian

桨 儿 桨 儿 看 不 见

chuan shang ye mei fan

船 上 也 没 帆

piao ya piao ya piao xiang xi tian

飘 呀 飘 呀 飘 向 西 天
du guo na tiao yin he shui

渡 过 那 条 银 河 水

zou xiang yun cai guo

走 向 云 彩 国

zou guo na ge yun cai guo

走 过 那 个 云 彩 国

zai xiang na’r qu

再 向 哪儿 去

zai na yao yuan de di fang

在 那 遥 远 的 地 方

shan zhe jin guang

闪 着 金 光

chen xing shi deng ta

晨 星 是 灯 塔

zhao ya zhao de liang

照 呀 照 得 亮

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