Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ABC Letter N, Mushroom and Nana

This is the story of my Nana,
Nana told us of her Never, Never eat wild mushrooms.

Today, My Old Blogging friend and Facebook friend talked about mushrooms.
Then my even older friend from school days, blogging friend and Facebook friend Chang Yi talked about mushrooms.

So I will post my mushroom story.
My Nana's story.

For nostalic reasons,
We always tell  my Nana's family story.
It is an old story.

100 years ago, 
It was the Paternalist Confucian society.
The daughter in law must do everything her Mother in law tell them to do. 

It was a small village.
They found a whole lot of mushroom.
My Nana (the DIL) with 2 other DILs were made to cook the mushroom.

The whole village came to eat. 
Nana and the other women were allowed to eat. 
Those who ate fell in a stupor, and fainting and vomiting for 3 days.

Nana thought they had died.
Nana wished her evil MIL and the people had died. 

 Since then, Nana would not eat mushrooms.
Nana told us NEVER, NEVER each wild mushrooms.
 And we don't eat too. 

This is a real story.
I am not lying,
Nana told us NEVER, NEVER lie.

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  1. i can NEVER tell the difference between safe mushrooms, and dangerous ones.