Friday, April 24, 2015

The Gypsy Baron performed by Methodist school

The Gypsy Baron Operetta by Johann Strauss рremiere on the stage of National Music Theatre

In 1968, I was in Form 2, a 14 year old. I was eager to join the performing arts club. The year before, I didn't know about it, when my girl friend Soraya had a good role in the Carossel, and my Geography teacher Mr Mason had a lead role. Can't remember if she  Soraya, his daughter.

The seniors had a lot of roles and singing. The junior choir, about 8 to 10 of us, had just one song. We sang it with the other leading actress. Norliza Zulakhai . She was beautiful and her long beautiful hair meant she didn't need a wig.

My best memory and proudest moment was the teacher in charge/director(?) chose me to present Norliza a gorgeous bouquet at the grand finale. Soraya present hers to Maimunah. The others must have gloated at us. You see, we were coached to curtsey before her.

Then we went on a tour, on the big double storey motor launch to Kapit. It was fun going up. My fun was stopped when I fell sick and didn't go on stage. This turned up something for memories, I was rushed to the hospital, in the arms of some of the senior boys, among them were Billy Abit.

It was the first time I had been in the hospital, and it was quite frightening. An junior choir boy Sii Tieng had to stay the night, He came to see me in the morning. It was also the first time I ate American/ Western breakfast. Our Teachers were Americans and English, and they gave me bacon and baked beans.

That was my foray into show buz, LOL.

I recently found my leading lady of facebook, for her, this blog post is written.

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