Friday, April 10, 2015

Sarawak Documentary and the late Lee Min Dan

The following article was written two years ago. Some thing very strange happened. A new facebook friend PMed me to tell me more of herself. It turned out, she is the sister of my late friend Lee Min Dan.

She lives in Canada, and as if coincident, she was search for me for the books I wrote.

I was 15, in Form Three in Methodist Secondary school. I was excited. My class was chosen to be part of a documentary some Americans were making. Stardom was hard, we sat through takes and retakes. 

At the end of the day, most of us were not even in the documentary. It is interesting many many years later in 2012, the documentary made it to the internet.

I wrote to Michael Rogge who uploaded these documentaries.

Dear Michael,

I watched this year and again today. I was one of the students in that Class Form 3 B which was shot one Saturday morning, Unfortunately, the camera didn't show the rest of the students, including me. A Malay girl Aminah was featured. I enjoyed all the scenes depicted in the documentary. The Iban boy, his real name was Martin. I am happy to share with with my family members who don't live in Sarawak anymore and my foreign friends. Sadly Lee Ming Dan was killed in an accident last year, Thanks.

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