Monday, April 6, 2015

What is your earliest fond memory of a beloved pet

Mum was away shopping and 

when we secretly stole downstairs to 

see our dog give birth to 9 puppies. It was done with my siblings 

secretly because according to Chinese customs, a mother dog will 

eat her puppies if watched.

Oldest Sister Rose was the ringleader. It must be because I wouldn't 

have known the dog was pregnant. I was in the lower primary 


Mum must have warned us not to watch. But did we listen?

We saw the mummy dog eat the placenta and I was worried it was 

our fault for watching. We thought she was eating

the puppies. 

She had 9 puppies. One died and we were very sad. All the puppies 

grew to become roly polys from condensed milk. They were 


According to Chinese custom, the adopted mothers have to

give a kg of sugar and two cans of milk when they come to adopt 

the puppies. Thanks Yolanda Flack for memories, and now I will 

blog about this.

Later when younger brother Joseph grew older in primary school, he 

always adopted people's puppies.

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