Sunday, April 26, 2015

Carousel - I loved you

Coming from Primary school to Methodist Secondary school fun. I was in Form 1 that 1967, and the school had put on a Musical. I didn't know the Perfecting Arts Society was on, and my girl friend Dayang Soraya had a lead in the junior choir.

 My teacher Mdm Mamora had taught me this song If I love you from the musical Carousel. I can still sing it.

My part in this Musical was to sell tickets. There was a price for the class which sold the most number of tickets. The price was half price for that class to buy the tickets to watch. I was lucky, across the road from us, were the very senior Government Servants. They were usually English Senior servant. 

I went to sell them the tickets and it was very daunting to knock on the door. The other groups were peace corps from USA. They were friendlier and were colleagues of Dad. My class, basically me, sold the most number of tickets. (Paki Paki me.)  this one by Hugh Jackman


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