Monday, April 13, 2015

Iban Boats and Life of an Iban boy

The Ibans have been using this method to build their boats. During the World war 2, when Sarawak was under the Japanese, the Iban warriors attacked the Japanese. Brits, Canadian, Australians and Kiwis were parachuted down to Kapits.

Canadians under Roger Cheng were sent to learn the native ways in the jungle.

According to source, at the end of the war, a hundred boats were paddled down to chase the Japanese.

Boat-making at Nanga Delok, Batang Ai, Thank you Henry Joseph Usau  for your photo.

Boats nowadays are powered by petrol, See this video which was filmed in 1969, where my class in Methodist was filmed. Martin from another class was brought to my class to protray that he was my classmate to be with Lee Min Dan and Aminah.

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